A chain is a series of connected links which are typically made of metal. A chain may consist of two or more links.

  • Those designed for lifting, such as when used with a hoist; for pulling; or for securing, such as with a bicycle lock, have links that are torus shaped, which make the chain flexible in two dimensions (The fixed third dimension being a chain's length.)
  • Those designed for transferring power in machines have links designed to mesh with the teeth of the sprockets of the machine, and are flexible in only one dimension. They are known as roller chains, though there are also non-roller chains such as block chain.
  • Two distinct chains can be connected using a quick link which resembles a carabiner with a screw close rather than a latch.

    Uses for chain

    Uses for chain include:


  • Chain of office, collar or heavy gold chain worn as insignia of office or a mark of fealty in medieval Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Decorating clothing, some people wear wallets with chains connected to their belts, or pants decorated with chains
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    Circular debt’s curse

    Dawn 26 Feb 2024
    The roots of circular debt can be linked to the omnipresence of the government across the energy value chain, where the government and its majority-controlled entities are the sole buyers of electricity and gas in the country while also setting electricity and gas prices....

    AMC set for Q4 share gains but expect a ‘tumultuous’ 2024, says Wedbush

    Market Watch 26 Feb 2024
    is set for share gains when it reports fourth-quarter results Wednesday, according to analyst firm Wedbush, although 2024 could be a “tumultuous” year for the movie-theater chain ... AMC has net debt of $4.095 billion, according to Wedbush, which has a neutral rating and $6 price target for the movie theater chain and original meme stock....

    Berkshire Pays $2.6B to Buy Remaining Stake in Pilot Travel Centers, Filing Says -- OPIS

    Market Watch 26 Feb 2024
    settled a pair of lawsuits over how to calculate the purchase price of Pilot's remaining stake in the truck stop chain ... The deal called for the price of shares in the company to be calculated by multiplying by a factor of 10 the travel center chain's earnings before interest and taxes, with adjustments for cash and debt....

    Here's what we can learn from Canada's response to inflation in the 1980s and 1990s

    Beijing News 25 Feb 2024
    Canada was not alone in increasing its debt so citizens could stay home and limit the spread of infection. The Bank of Canada lowered the overnight rate to 0.25 per cent and intervened massively to buy the government's debt....

    The Long War On White People, by Paul Craig Roberts

    The Unz Review 25 Feb 2024
    In wars of a different kind the damage has been as terrible ... (Note ... The shift of US manufacturing abroad reduced American consumer power, forcing the maintenance of living standards onto the expansion of consumer debt. It destroyed US supply chains, forcing out of business the regional and local firms that knitted the manufacturing economy together....

    Probe Tinubu’s Subsidy Savings, CISLAC, CSOs Tell National Assembly

    This Day 24 Feb 2024
    The groups also recommended that the government should redefine the purpose of borrowing to ensure that debts are incurred “for projects that will promote value chain development, improve the macroeconomic framework, develop infrastructure, and build strategic human capital.”....

    Morocco’s struggle with water scarcity and food security

    Arab News 24 Feb 2024
    Morocco’s agricultural sector faces a daunting conundrum that mirrors a broader crisis unfolding across the Global South ... This agricultural distress has a domino effect on the rest of the economy, disrupting supply chains and financial stability for businesses linked to the sector, as loan repayments and debt collection become more challenging ... X ... ....

    Analysis: Global trade rift widening as Ukraine war passes two-year mark

    Philenews 22 Feb 2024
    state aid for on-shoring of a semiconductor supply chain ... global value chains ... The Institute of International Finance sees risks for global debt, with higher government spending to mitigate the adverse effects on supply chains of growing trade protection and geopolitical conflicts....

    ‘UK’s position as live music leader at stake’: nine festivals cancel amid rising costs

    The Guardian 22 Feb 2024
    ... supply chain costs, debts incurred during the Covid pandemic and slower ticket sales, stymied further by the cost of living crisis....

    Kenya repays part of 2 bln USD Eurobond, ending fears of default 21 Feb 2024
    dollars in Eurobonds maturing in June, eliminating the risk of debt default ... 12 in the Eurobond buyback issue to settle the debt ... He observed that as a result of Kenya's sound debt management strategy, general economic management policies, and the tightening of the monetary policy, investor confidence in the country has grown....

    Tapping capital markets for corporate climate action

    GreenBiz 21 Feb 2024
    At GreenBiz 24, I heard from countless sustainability professionals who are embracing sustainable finance options, including debt such as green bonds and financing programs for supply chain partners ... "For most companies, the majority of their emissions stem from deep in their supply chains....

    Cove Capital Investments Acquires an All-Cash / Debt-Free Retail Center for Its Eastwood Village Opportunity ...

    Victoria Advocate 21 Feb 2024
    21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cove Capital Investments, LLC, a Delaware Statutory Trust sponsor company announced it has completed the acquisition of an all-cash / debt-free multi-tenant retail center in Birmingham, AL ... "We are thrilled to announce the addition of another all-cash/debt-free DST offering to our portfolio....

    Healthcare group Fresenius tops Q4 operating profit forecast

    GDN Online 21 Feb 2024
    Fresenius CEO Michael Sen, who took the helm a year ago, has been restructuring the group to cut costs and debt, after it was hit by a decline in earnings at FMC ... The restructuring plan will bring Fresenius Kabi, a maker of generic hospital drugs, and Helios with its German and Spanish hospital chains to the forefront....